3D Model Requests

I am currently NOT taking jobs.

Current Queue

If you would like to commission me, please read the guidelines below and then fill out my form:

Commission Form

Slots are completed in sequence. My avatars take roughly a month or more to complete.

Example work:





You should be familiar with the fundamentals of Unity and the VRChat Avatar SDK. I’ll help troubleshoot any potential problems with my avatars, but I can’t guide you on the basics of setting up the editor or uploading an avatar.
Things I can’t do:
❌ Extra arms, extra legs, or wings.
❌ Extra props such as handheld items, weapons, etc.
❌ Very long, flowing hair or clothing that’s meant to be physics simulated.

Price Breakdown

Basic “naked” avatar is $1000

Depending on additions, final price may be between $1000 - $1200+

+$100 for simple clothing. (T-shirt, tanktop, leggings, hoodie, etc.)
+$200 for more complex clothing. (Suit jacket, pants with straps, belts, etc.)
* Small accessories (glasses, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc) are free.

I require full payment up front.

Final price can vary depending on the complexity of the model.

I handle payment through PayPal.


@VR_Ris on Twitter